Ajuntament Sant Cugat

Sant Cugat Business Center

Josep Maria Vallès Navarro

Josep Maria Vallès

Alcalde de Sant Cugat del Vallès

Sant Cugat is a dynamic, enterprising, productive town that attracts corporate value and provides an excellent scenario for business.

Many leading international companies have already seen the town and its strategic location as an ideal opportunity for growth and development. Its quality of life, its educative offer, its closeness to Barcelona, Barcelona’s port and airport, and the natural environment in which it is embedded offer the business opportunities that you are looking for.

We welcome, talent and foreign companies, to whom we give all the facilities to establish a company in our city. And we extend our hand to face together the economic and social challenges posed by the world and our city for the next years.

After all, a city in which public institutions and companies work together will be a territory with opportunities for all and more cohesive.




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With a population of 93,000 inhabitants, Sant Cugat is located just north of Barcelona, in Catalonia (Spain). It has a well-connected public transport system, with train stations and a direct connection with the Metro that puts you in the center of Barcelona in just 25 minutes.

It is also connected directly to the highway network, with Barcelona’s airport and port just 30 minutes away.


Connected directly to the highway network, with Barcelona’s airport and port just 30 minutes away.


Well-established public transport system, with train stations and direct connection to the subway


Located in the north of Barcelona Very good communication with the industrial cities of Rubí, Sabadell and Terrassa


25 minutes from downtown Barcelona


A fertile environment for companies

Business-friendly Sant Cugat has 3,000 SMEs and large companies that have created more than 65,000 jobs, with a strong presence of health, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, ITCs, insurance and banking. A number of international innovation-driven companies have their headquarters in the town, such as RICOH, GFT, EPSON, HP, GRIFOLS, ROCHE, GUTMAR, BOEHRINGER o FLUIDRA.

Sant Cugat is a creative town, a meeting point between people and companies, knowledge institutions and universities to create synergies that spark new ideas that inspire experimentation and innovation.


World-class talent

Sant Cugat is a town driven by knowledge, innovation and talent. Peopled by acknowledged professionals, it has the youngest, highest qualified population in Catalonia. 60% of the population are university graduates, guaranteeing access to profiles highly talented workforce, which in turn encourages new economic activities to establish themselves in the town and grow.


Quality of life in an exceptional natural setting

Having a base in Sant Cugat will enable you to enjoy an exceptional natural backdrop, close to Barcelona and the Collserola Natural Park, with an extensive cultural, sports and retail offering. Sant Cugat is a safe town and its quality of life is highly rated by its citizens.